Line of Business
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Our principal products are:
  • Conveyor belts with their spare parts, including calculation and design, packaging and containerization as requested by several costumers;
  • Mechanical parts for Francis, Kaplan and Pelton turbines, piping and penstocks, sluice gates, grate cleaners, pilling for electric lanes, complete overhaul with disassembly, maineinance, reassembly, testing of the sames;
  • Loop formers, automatic shift trolleys, roller ways and tables, stand overpassing channels, cooling beds, bedplates, carbon and stainless steel tanks, sets of rolls, pinch rolls and bridles, as requested by main engineering companies and general contractors;
  • Baseframes and soundproof enclosures, air filters and auxiliary equipments for gas turbines for power plants;
  • Steelplant furnaces, reversing two‐high stands for rolling mills, scrap iron containers, ladles and tundish transport cars weighing platforms as requested by major steelworks;
  • Crushing rolls, mills, chillers, rotating and balancing furnaces for corundum grinding on behalf of industrial units producing and treating abrasives;
  • For a Swiss company building narrow‐gauge trains, cupler devices;
  • Longitudinal and cross members, rails, bedplates, loading machines and guides for glass production industry;
  • Pusher and discharging machines for walking beam furnace, alighing and packaging devices, chain and rotating arms transfers for several leading companies;
  • Various slaves for iron and steel industry as requested by costumers, stainless steel spyders for annealing furnaces;
  • Any kind of structural works for public utilities;
  • Sandblasting and painting, surface and thermal treatments, machine stop assembly complete with pipes and plants for hydraulic,
  • Studies and detils engineering relative to new machineries, equipments and plants;
  • Our technical department is equipped with the updated tools required for drawing, design, feasibility studies and detailed engineering.
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