Parco Macchine - Officine Lorenzina
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Parco Macchine


Il nostro parco macchine è composto da attrezzature di ultima generazione ed in costante manutenzione.

Se vuoi scaricare l’elenco macchine in formato pdf clicca qui.


Milling machine PAMA SR1000 with rotating table 2500×2000 P=20T
16000x3500x900x800 mm (X,Y,Z,W)
Milling machine PAMA SR2 with rotating table 2500×2500 P=30T
15000x4000x900x800 mm (X,Y,Z,W)
Vertical lathe PIETRO CARNAGHI AC42TM including milling device P=50 T
4300×3000 mm
Horizontal lathe MORANDO
900×6000 mm
Horizontal lathe
200×2000 mm
Horizontal lathe
350×3000 mm
Horizontal lathe
650×3000 mm
Milling machine MECOF M1000 with rotating table 180×1800 mm
   6300x2000x1250 mm
Milling machine MECOF CS88
     10300x1900x1000 mm
Milling machine MECOF CS 50
8000x1700x1000 mm
Milling machine MECOF FIL F.A. 300
3000x2000x1550 mm
N.1 boring machine
1600×80 mm


Flame cutting machine MESSER GRIESHEIM with plasma cutting device and bevelling
12000x3000x300 mm
Cutting machine SCHIAVI
3000 mm x 5 T
Bending machine SCHIAVI
4000 mm x 400 T
Cutting machine MARIANI
3000 mm x 15 T
Rolling machine
200×2000 mm
Bending machine for steel profile BOLDRINI Press
150 T
Roll bending machine SERTOM
3000 mm x 100 thickness
Submerged arc welding machine LINCOLN ELECTRIC
N.1 boring machine
1600×80 mm


Painting cabin
20 x 8
Sandblasting cabin
20 x 6
Washing cabin
15 x 10